Titomirov Changes The Game With pH And Alkalinity

Our vodka adds water without sacrficing taste. Vodka is 60% water by volume so one can easily see which water is chosen to make Vodka is critically important.

The repeated distillations of our vodka makes an end product that has a greater alcohol concentration. the volume of liquid alcohol within our products (that has the proper amount of ETOH-ethanol in it) is not as high for Vodkas with increased distillations. Our product is more water than alcohol in comparison to our competition. Vodkas that use fewer distillations carry more alcohol, which means the taste is not as good.

One of our competitors’ vodka, for example, needs at least 250mL of ETOH and 500ml of H2O to make 750ml of vodka. However, Titomirov Vodka is about 100ml of ETOH and 650ml of water – and it’s the same Alcohol Percentage Per Bottle. This means, more of what is in the bottle is  great tasting and good for you alkaline water.  It’s vodka with benefits!