What’s In Our Bottle is Great Tasting and Good for You

With the Same Alcohol By Volume (ABV), Our Bottles Contain More Water

The Benefits of Titomirov Vodka

  • Our Vodkas have a pH between 8.2-8.88 meaning it’s balanced
  • Less alcohol and higher alkalinity means our vodka is hydrating
  • Minimizes dehydration effects of alcohol
  • Leaves drinker feeling fresh and in control the next morning
  • 40% alcohol, made from non-GMO corn, and is Gluten Free
  • Made from natural alkaline water and mixes easily with any cocktail
  • Seven to Eight times distilled – super clean
  • It has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of less than 5 mg/ml. This reflects how pure, clean and free of impurities it is from being distilled.

Titomirov’s Vodka Couture, is refreshingly smooth and has a pH of 8.88. Titomirov Vodka won the gold medal for taste in 2016 at California’s Micro Liquor Awards!

Vodka Is 60% Water

  • Better Taste: The volume of liquid alcohol  (that has the
    proper amount of ETOH=ethanol in it) is smaller for the Vodkas with
    increased distillations.
  • Purity: Vodka is the purest form of ETOH
  • High Alcohol Content: Titomirov Vodka is 100 ml of ethanol & 650 ml of water.